Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What can be more than this for everybody?

 Life is such a beautiful phenomena that teaches everybody how to live it in a lively and beautiful way. It teaches how to be a part of our own life and of others. My life also taught me the same in many ways. Since my childhood I learnt many things from different people, places and situations like any other. I was just like any other child - selfish, possessive and stubborn.

    My life get started with my family. My parents taught me how to live like a part of a family. In my school life, I learnt from my friends how to share things and from my teachers, how to be honest and sincere and from my curriculum, about the situations around the world. Situations around me taught me how to deal with them and also how to deal with myself and with others .

    After my childhood and schooling phase, I entered in a new phase of my life and here comes the most inspiring one. This phase has given a new meaning to my life and made it beautiful than ever before. It made me what I am and what I should be. I would like to share my this life phase with everybody so that one can acquaint oneself that nothing is more than what I am sharing.

    It was the time when I was sent for teacher training program in an M.C.D school in Delhi. I was allotted  a class to teach and that, as far as I remember was 5th class. The headmaster of the school showed me the way to the tent cum classroom outside the school building in the school premises. On reaching there I saw, two teachers sitting on chairs in front of hundred plus students. The male teacher was scolding one of the girl in an inappropriate manner. I was shocked at the teacher's behavior. Suddenly, both of them looked at me and  asked if I had been there for teacher training? I nodded yes. A smile came to their faces as if God has sent an angel as a blessing for them in my form. Both of them run out of there swiftly, leaving their responsibilities on me, an inexperienced student teacher.
    Well! I recollected my confidence and took their responsibilities at my best. During my first teaching I came to know how needy the students were. There was so much heat under the tent. Sitting on a hot dari students were trying to keep up with the harsh sun rays peeping through the tent from the sides of the so called classroom. It was hard for the tent to provide shelter to hundred and fifty students in a proper way. Dari was also incapable of providing much comfort to the school girls. In spite of all these opposing situations they were willing to learn what I was teaching. What can be more satisfying to a teacher that her students are satisfied and happy to learn what she is teaching.

     I learnt the biggest thing which one can learn, out of this teaching experience and  that is being human.

     I learnt from students-
  • that we should feel satisfied with whatever we are gifted by God.
  • that we should be positive and receptive to the coming situations and must keep on struggling with whatever opposing it.
  • that we should not get afraid of the negativity around us. We should just focus on learning to improve ourselves.
  • that we should learn to succeed without losing hope.

     I learnt  from teachers-
  • that we must never think that we are above all.
  •  that students need only those teachers who can love them. 
  • that only ideal teachers can make ideal students. Teacher must work as a leader for students so they must have a check on themselves first.

    I learnt from the situation -
  • one don't get everything in ones life . We must not frustrate ourselves and others thinking of what we haven't got.
  • we must feel satisfied with whatever we have and must be thankful to God for that.
  • what we should strive for is doing good to others in whatever ways they need it.

At last what I have learnt from myself -
  • satisfaction is the biggest thing what one can acheive and one must always strive for this by helping the needy and by loving everybody around.
     Remember that love reciprocates itself and everybody needs just love . Why can't we share this tiny yet important thing with everybody?
   After all we are going to deserve it at the end if we go for it. So just go for it, ''spread love'' and you will be the most satisfied person on the earth.

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